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Velo-City Conference Magazine

Velo-City Conference Magazine “The Sound of Cycling” has been published! As a final product of the Velo-city 2013 conference, and to conclude the Special Year of Cycling in Vienna, here you have the Velo-city conference magazine. “The Sound of Cycling” presents a global perspective on contemporary trends in urban cycling. It encompasses many important findings […]

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New Viennese appointment for Borracce di poesia

New Viennese appointment for Borracce di poesia. The project returns to the Austrian capital after the experience there last June when they exhibited for the first time outside of Italy thanks to winning the Cycling Visionaries Awards organized by Velo-City 2013: an event of meetings, planning, exchange of ideas between experts and enthusiasts of urban


Vienna and after, about Velo-city 2013

Yes, okay, it’s been a full week (and more) since returning from Vienna, where, as you will know by now, there was also Borrace di Poesia thanks to the 544 online votes that represented the project for the first time to the world, taking the victory of the Cycling Visionaries Awards in the Cycling and


The bike in all of it’s finery

Pass the cable through the frame and the front wheel and fix the back one to a post not a tree lock the saddle with a chain of hardened steel Then leave the bike in all of it’s finery


And you think it is me who started this war?

Phone glued to your ear, conversation in full flow You don’t look behind and throw open the door I swerve out of the way with nowhere to go And you think it is me who started this war?


I sail my bicycle on through a storm

While I sail my bicycle on through a storm My knuckles are seizing and crack in the cold But I smile as the helmsman which keeps me warm As the rudder, my handlebars, glow like gold.


Dedicated to the winter cyclists

Winter cyclists need to have a master plan Pedalling round with no feeling in their cheeks As the freezing fog enfolds the traffic jam Surrounding motorists will think “What a freak!”

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Will anything stop the bike thieves?

When you realise your bicycle’s been nicked Your chest tightens speech slurs like a heart-attack You’d sell your soul to the devil in a tick In order to ensure you get your bike back.

Poems, Poesie

The bicycle is the metaphor of life

The bicycle is the metaphor of life. Whilst on the flat, way down or uphill in strife The question is choosing and changing the gears Which impacts one’s behaviour over the years.

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